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Cairo is a place to adventure to its a place where you see many different attractions that people want to experience, Cairo is well knwn for the Giza Pyramids these are the ancient sights from the seven wonders of the world, the Sphinx there are many stories and legends surrounding the Sphinx as it being a human body with a lions head, but there are many more places to go out to, Egyptian Museum of art, Citadel, Al Azhar mosque.

Cairo is usually unknown as a muslim city but this is not true as Cairo also holds Christens, with the two religion living side by side there is no conflict.

Cairo is not only a place to visit for the sightseeing but it holds many different shopping centers and many different places to go and eat, drink this city is also best known for is the RIVER NILE there are many different boats that take you all the way down the Nile where you can see the city from a different propective view while the locals deal with thier daily lives you can sit back and soak in the atmosphere.

Cairo also has a big Market called the "Khan El Khalil" this is situated on one corner of a triangle that go from south to west,here is where you will have to haggle to get a good price on your goods.