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The oasis in Egypt comprises the many depressions in the desert regions of Egypt. The desert regions include the Western desert and the Eastern desert, where the climatic conditions are very harsh throughout the year. The only places of relief in the deserts are these oases regions. Though these places are densely populated, it represents only a hundredth of the total population of Egypt. It is the Bedouin tribes in chief, who inhabit these oases regions. Agriculture is the chief means of occupation.

Some of the Important Oases in Egypt

The Fayom Oasis: This oasis gets much of its water supply from the river Nile and is home to more the two million Egyptians. The depression region has artesian wells, getting their supply of water from the underground water reservoir. The region also gets water supply from irrigation canals.

The Siwa Oasis: The Siwa Oasis is famous for its hot water springs and the Berber culture, which has developed in the region, different from the rest of Egypt. The place is facilitated by an airport, but is rather a less frequented destination in terms of tourism.

Other than the Fayom oasis and the Siwa Oasis in Egypt, the Bahariya oasis, the Dakhla Oasis, the Farafra oasis and the Kharga Oasis also deserve mention.