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Is an important city in the Sinai region of Egypt. The tourism infrastructure in the Sharm el Sheikh region is indeed very well developed. There are all sorts of hotels to suite the needs of every kind of tourists.

The culture in this part of world is very interesting as it reflects the unique lifestyle of the Bedouins. The city has many interesting things to offer to the tourists. It is more of a tropical place, where singing, dancing and partying are the best things to do at night. This city is often referred as the city of peace because many of the international peace conferences are arranged here.

Sharm el Sheikh has an international airport, which is connected by airways to many cities of the world. This airport is important because not only Sharm el Sheikh, but also other places such as El- Arish and Noweiba are catered by this airport. The airways are the most convenient modes of transport to reach these places.

The three most important regions in Sharm el Sheikh are Sharm el Maya, the Ras Um Sid Cliff and the Na'ama Bay. This apart, tourists often treat Sharm el Sheikh as a stop over for visiting the Ras Mohammed National park, the Nabq Protected area and St. Katherine National Park.